September Progress Report

Hey everybody! I wanted to let you all know how things are going on the development end right now.

Update 15 was released in July and I've been working on Update 16 non-stop since then. It's a big update and I'm close to halfway done with it right now. I don't have a release date to tell you on it yet, but expect it to be somewhere around the beginning of December.

Just to tease a little though, here are some of the things you can expect to see in Update 16:

  • Major scenes with Suzy, Tammy, Izzy, Nora, Brandi, and Bai.
  • For the first time, dates with Lisa.
  • New date locations for Suzy/Tammy, Dana, Izzy, and Bai.
  • The return of Brandi Chat.
  • Tons of new sex options for almost every character, including 4 threesomes and 2 foursomes.
  • Around 800 new images and 56 new animations.

The Premium Edition also gets some more bonus stuff:

  • A new Souls of War scene with Adrian.
  • A threesome scene involving Gertrude.
  • Bonus beach date with Juliana.
  • Alternate date clothing options for Brandi (Theater), Dana (Bar), Izzy (Theater), Jez (Luigi's), Kendra (Grotto), Mi-Cha (Theater), Reba (Lake), Suzy (Jackson Burger).

There's a whole lot more than this, but this is just the highlights. I also plan on spending more time on the menu system and improving that a bit, adding more functionality to it and visual appeal as well. I realize that some people were disappointed that the percentages were taken away in the last update and while I don't plan on adding them back in the same form, I'll be putting something else there that accomplishes the same thing in a better way, I think.

Okay, that's pretty much all I have right now. I'm getting back to work. Still have a long way to go before the update is finished. I'll make another progress report next month. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them down in the comments. I read most of the comments that you guys make and I'll answer what I can.

Thanks as always for all the support you've given me! Love ya!

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