Update 17 Free Version Released

Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you free players know that Update 17 is now available for you! I hope you love it and have a lot of fun and let me know what you think when you're finished. Check the changelog on the main menu for everything that's been added.

As always, if you hit any bugs or have any issues, feel free to report those in the Discord help & bugs channel.

And consider the Premium Edition, if you're able. There's a pretty good amount of bonus content in there now, including some fun exclusive sex scenes (like a Lisa/Jez threesome). I understand if you're not able to though, and I hope you have a great time playing!


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Can't seem to unlock the Jez and Lisa threeway...


Hello. That's actually a Premium Only scene. It was not supposed to show up on the list of scenes in the Free Version. That's a bug. I'll be patching it soon so that the scene doesn't show up on that list.