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When your father goes missing, you return home to help find him, while also negotiating relationships with the many other people in your life.

This is an adult dating simulator with twenty optional love interests each with their own personal stories, along with an overarching mystery.

This game is still in development. The current update is Chapter 17 out of 20 planned chapters.

There is also a Premium Edition of the game that costs a little money, but gives you a lot of bonus content and early access to new releases. Be sure to check it out if you're interested!

If you'd like to follow the progress of the game, come check out my Patreon, Subscribestar, or join our community in our Discord.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(117 total ratings)
AuthorRJ Rhodes
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksHomepage, Patreon, SubscribeStar


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Version 7.17.31f
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Version 7.17.31f
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Version 7.17.31f

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I just came to thank you for your amazing game. I always try to find games that treat LGBT relationships so well, but only your game and space corps can capture me in that aspect. Your game is very lovable.


Best nsfw grafic novel ever.

What can you say more then that?


I love this game. Would love to have a scene where you introduce bai to your family as your boyfriend and you can have a option to move in with him. Also would love to have the option to get your dads car.

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after enjoying the game I thought it would be a good idea to write about it.


* characters have easily recognizable personalities

* some rarely seen character types (Reba is literally "white trash beautiful, trailer park queen" from the Everlast song. But how often do you see a lady like this in media?)

* tone in general seems positive. a kind of... Gilmore girls for dudes, with sex? I like that there is no violence/blackmail and the likes

* dialog-plot-lewd ratio seems well thought out and optimal. It's not an endless tease like some yuri AVNs, and not "oh I tripped and fell dick forward into a lady" like some other AVNs.

* many characters to choose from, everyone will find a few interesting ones (me: Mari as undisputed No1, while Mi-Cha + Ms. Welch + Kendra share second place). Surprisingly there are ladies in the game who interested me despite me not liking their design (Kendra, Reba), this is very difficult to pull off

* the writer actually knows how to be funny, and how to write fun, sarcastic characters. That's a great plus!

Didn't like (not that much honestly, I guess some of these are related to the game being unfinished)

* some characters only have an initial hook (which _are_ interesting!), but no further developement afterwards (Suzy and Kendra seem to suffer from this after their initiaul hook is "solved")

* I don't know what it is with AVN writers, who ruin perfectly fine characters with tragedy? I really liked Kendra until the "acting lessons plot twist"

* some repeatable scenes repeat too often. The one which first comes to my mind is Tammy+Suzy after a date.

Alltogether one of my favorite AVNs, definietly a TOP5! Biggest strength is probalby the well-written cast of characters.

Highly recommended, good job!


really excellent game! love the gay and trans content. i think my only critique is that there's no difference in character height, or it's just not noticeable. i have no idea how hard that would be to program, though. 


The chat in Brandi's path is one of my favorite things in any AVN.  Nicely done.  I'm still going through the update, and I'm going to be looking at those names...


Mi-Cha IS CRAZY UNDERRATED, I can't get enough of her

I hear you there, seems like there would be more to her.


Hey, I’m Victor from Brazil and I just wanna say that your game is amazing. I finished it in 10 Hours.

Since I know you are always updating the game, here are some ideas:

  1. The interface when fucking Éden McGee is the best. I think all the scenes could be like this.
  2. And you could add new action buttons for small changes in the scene like: “pull hair”, “slap butt”, “put a finger in the asshole”, “dirty talk”, “use a toy”, “choke”…
  3. It would also be good to add some cuckqueaning stuff, like, when  MC Brings a girl home, we should be able to call Suzy to Watch, just like Pete. 
  4. I loved mi-cha spanking session. I wish we could have more spanking options, sex options and more submissive stuff with her.
  5.  a sex party with mrs welch, where there are a lot of people fucking and you could click and change from one scene to another, varying between girls alone, two girls, couples, throuples, guys etc
  6. Brandi could have an onlyfans, and have plenty of different kinds of sex in front of the câmera (with chat on).
  7. It would be also good to be Able to schedule more weekend trips with Gertrude
  8. One-night stand threesome with a couple
  9. More control in the threesome scenes
  10. Portuguese translation 🙌🏽
  11. Nicknames of every character
  12. A long-distance girlfriend in Brazil to phonesex once in a while
  13. After reaching 100%, or completing some hidden tasks, we should be able to fuck RJ 😂 

that is it! Again, your game is amazing! Thank you! 😘

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Bro!! Do you have an option to avoid Gay type relationship, like picking what genitallia what have an character, please I'm good at their faces but my suggestion is changing their genitallia


Hi. You avoid gay-type relationships by not dating people of the same sex, not by changing their genitalia. Hope this helps.


What does it mean so the player can change the genitalia thing.

(1 edit) (+5)

You can't change a person's genitalia. If they have genitalia that you don't like, don't have sex with them.

On the top right there's a heart. When you click it you see the other characters. Each have a heart beside their avatar, that is "on" (red heart) by default. You can click the heart to turn it off, you won't see those peoples content. 



I didn't tell I love mari when we take a shower after she call me at night and I can't proceed mari story how can I fix

Hit "Back"?

whats the soundtrack

All the songs are listed in the credits. There's a copy of the credits online here: https://closetocanon.files.wordpress.com/2023/07/credits.webp

Eyy awesome thanx ma


I absolutely LOVE that you included a character with a disability!!  As such a person myself I am very grateful that you included Whitney!!  Representation for people with disabilities is usually reserved for pity or comedy!!  You did neither!!  Thank you!!🙏


Glad you're enjoying the game. Thank you for the kind words <3


I'd love to see an optional submissive path with Izzy where she makes MC blow Moose at the park and MC is the one who gets double-teamed when they first hang out at Izzy's, as she watches directs and plays with herself.


R.J. godammnit!  the story with Adrian and Athena made me CRY.




Only thing missing from this game is gilf content!!

Nevertheless great game. Loving it!


There is one scene with the older waitress.

What?? How do i unlock the scene :o


It's a Premium Edition exclusive, so you have to have the Premium Edition.

Then you progress with Brandi up until she makes a huge mistake on one of her Streams. Afterwards, if you go to Jackson Burger on the weekend when the older waitress Connie is there, she will initiate a conversation with you that leads to a special scene with her.

Why can I only get tammy up to 97 % , when everyone else is on 100 %


There's a bug that's causing that. I'm changing the menus around in the next update and will be removing the percentages, so don't worry about it too much right now.

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Loving the hell outta this game especially the cringe answers and shite 😂 A++

Strange question though; what's the AVN Dana is playingwhen working at her desk? Haven't seen that startup screen before 🤔

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That's Bare Witness by Alterworlds. The developers are friends and we have a little crossover between our games. One of the characters in Bare Witness is Adrian's cousin. Adrian pops up for a scene in their game, and her cousin might be making an appearance in Come Home sometime soon.

You can find the game on their Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/alterworlds/

Oh, they have an itch page too, here: https://alterworlds.itch.io/barewitness

hey, I've been playing for a while now, and after the most recent update I lost the cellphone option, I was just wondering if that's normal. I also want to know how to get more scenes with suzie. Thanks! Great Game!


The cell phone icon was removed in the newest version. You now call people by clicking on their polaroids that appear that say "Call --whoever--"

If you want to know how to find more scenes with a character, go to the heart menu, click on the character, and click on their scenes. There's an in-depth hint system that tells you how to unlock every scene.


I really love this game. Played it though a 2nd time and can´t wait for the update. It´s refreshing different and more interessting than most of the other adult novels. Every girl has his own profile, you can skip conversation easyly and there's no blackmailing involved in the story.  


Dev... Just want to let you know that this is few from many the Best game I found , Amazing job ... looking toward your work in future

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Jez wont text after getting her info and i cant progress because of it am i doing something wrong ive got reba at 82% and jez at 14% im on day 150 update im an idiot i had jezs heart unclicked

Hey there. Check what her hint says in the menu and make sure you're doing what it calls for. If you're still having trouble, Discord is the best place to get help: https://discord.gg/B8W8Vrhu

Playing after the most recent update and I'm unable to take mi-cha on a date to the park , is there a way certain way it has to be done?

Taking her to the park becomes available after you have gone on a couple of dates with her, walked her back to her dorm, and kissed her.

Yes I have gone on several but there is only one option to ask for a date to the coffee shop no other

Make sure you're calling her in the evening for the date. I think you can only set up coffee dates when you talk to her in the morning in the lobby, but if you call her in the evening, you should be able to take her to the movie theater as well. 

Check the hint screen and see if it helps. 

If you're still stuck, getting on the discord is the best way to get help. You can post your save file there and we can see if you've found a bug or anything.

I really appreciate the help and the time taken out to reply, calling her at night did work, thank you.

No problem! I'll try to make that more clear in the game in future updates.


1st Playthrough but I have to agree - the comments during Brandi's streams are Gold. 

"Show feet plz"

is this that one where a gang took over the park?

Not really? There is a gang at the park, but they didn't really take over. They just hang out there and listen to music and smoke weed, lol

Hi, I'm on day 122 and still don't have access to the cell phone.. is this normal?

No, it's not. There is a bug that can cause the cell phone not to activate that I'll be fixing in the next update. The cell phone should activate at night on Day 1.

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RJ, i've reported the meth lab and waited a week but no call from Reba. iv'e completed 100% with Jez, is there something else i need to do? oh, by the way this game is not only sexy AF, but it's a GREAT bunch of stories and i especially love the chat when streaming with Brandi

Hey there, sorry I missed your question. 

If you report the meth lab too early, it will give a warning that you will break Reba's story. This seems to be what happened to you. If you get on the discord sometime, we could help you or maybe fix your save file for you. 


discord isn't letting me join the server (sigh)  it's ok. I'll just not get that story, there will be others


loving the game, but wishing there were more sex positions with all of the girls. Handjobs, footjobs, reverse cowgirl, etc. Storylinewise, I love the backstory. It’s interesting. I didn’t quite get how the main character ended up living with that family until I progressed and realized the main character’s father dated Lisa at one point. If it wasn’t pointed out at the very beginning, that would be quite helpful. :)


I got this on steam getting it again on android as i dont have access to my pc at the moment great game hope it gets its story elements finished first before adding a bunch of extra stuff


playing the update and remembering how much fun Brandi's live streams are, especially the chat.  I laugh out loud at the damn chat

show feet pls

omg, i'm DED! :)

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i got the update yesterday and played for a few hours had to quit to do something and now it wont let me load my saved game is there anything i can do

Need a little more information. What is it doing when you try to load the save? 

it brings up a white page with rewind ignore and some other options 

I really need to see what it shows, if it gives an error message or anything. You could get on Discord and show me screenshots, or post your save file and I'll see what I can do. The link for the discord server is on the main menu screen. 
Or try loading one of the earlier autosaves and see if you have the same issue.

I’ll take a pic when I get home and post it in discord what channel would I put it in

Quick heads up: The PC file not having its platform marked in the same way as the Mac and Android files prevents those of us on Windows from being able to download it using the itch desktop app, and unfortunately the app currently doesn't seem capable of manually adding games downloaded via other means. (Basically, if a game doesn't have a manifest file, typically auto-generated by the app when installed through the app, the app doesn't recognize it when scanning.)


I believe I've fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

Once again RJ comes through with a fine update. I am unashamably a Lisa fan! Close second is Mari. Thanks RJ. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.


This is the first game of its kind that I have played. I was very impressed and I am Hooked! I can’t wait for the updates and 100% completion. 

PS: More Adrian plz ;)

Hello RJ! Loved playing the v12, finished almost all characters to 100% when it came out, but after changing the phone my progress is gone. Is it possible to download complete v12 save file so I could basically continue the story in v13?

If you get on the game's discord (https://discord.gg/XqhSHuuhTd), there is a completed save file available to download that is pinned in the #help-and-bugs channel there.

Link expired :(

Next Update ?

At the moment it looks like

Beta ($20+ Patrons) - October 21st
Patron-only - October 28th
Public (Steam/Itch) - November 11th

RJ posted that she will probably finish ahead of schedule and asked her patrons if they'd prefer earlier release or more content, and they chose more content. So the dates will most likely be the ones above.


stumbled over this by chance - and I am impressed, well-written, different chars, a plot I want to follow and good visuals (only the animations loops could be slightly longer and smoother).

the gui and UX is generally nice, with one exception: too many chars to follow, and I *always* forget whose story line I already finished :)

as introducing a new variable is probably overkill I abused your hint system: if "<char>hint1" starts with "You have seen all" I added an overlay to the character card overview. Visually not the best approach (better is maybe something like a green check mark), but you'll get the idea.

the blue ones are my addition, triggered with (more or less the same idea as the yellow borders you already use)

if gertrudehint1.startswith('You have seen all '):
  add "affectionmenudone.webp" xalign 0.03 + (platexspacing*2) yalign 0.1


Hey, that's a pretty cool idea. I'm actually changing up that menu quite a bit in the next update though, to make it more clear. I got rid of the affection points completely and have scenes unlocked based on what previous scenes and conversations you've had with a character. And instead of showing a number of affection points on that screen, it'll show the completion percentage. That should help quite a bit with who you have completed content for.

Thanks for the kind words!

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