Update 17 Progress and Changelog

Hey everybody! Here's the new title screen for Update 17. Went with the MILFs this time, as they all have big scenes in the update, and I don't think that Mrs. Mills has ever been on the title screen (except for the Premium Edition promo that I did all the characters on).

The content for Update 17 is completed and I've been testing and polishing all week. It's getting there - there's still some things I have to take care of before it goes to Alpha testers next week. I'm tracking down some music and sound effects and getting those in place. Redoing some menus and cleaning up some things to make the game flow better. Just the normal stuff. Will likely continue doing this for the next two weeks until Beta. release on April 5th. And I'm also working on a trailer for the new update, as well. Will hopefully release that before the Beta release.

That's about everything I've been working on. I started getting sick last night (throat swollen, mucus, hard to swallow, tired). I think I must have picked up something at the gym yesterday. It's pretty frustrating, because I have so much to do right now, but hopefully it won't take me down too much.

Below this, I'm going to post the current changelog for Update 17, which has some mild spoilers as to what new scenes are going to be in the game, so skip it if you don't want any spoilers.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Love ya!




- 2 New date locations (Lake, Park)

- 2 New repeatable sex scenes (Anal Doggy, 69)

- 2 New conversations

- Added voicework throughout


- New major scene

- New random Tammy threesome scene

- New repeatable breakfast sex scene (Doggy)

- New throuple date location (Lake)

- 2 New throuple conversations


- New major scene

- 2 New conversations


- New major scene

- New repeatable sex scene (Anal missionary)

- New conversation

- Added voicework to "Dana moves out"


- New sex scene

- New repeatable sex scene (Cowgirl)


- 2 New repeatable sex scenes (Anal missionary, Analingus)


- New major scene

- New conversation


- 2 New repeatable sex scenes (Reverse Cowgirl, Cunnilingus)

- New conversation


- New repeatable sex scene (Titfuck)


- New major scene

- New conversation


- New repeatable sex scene (Anal missionary)

- New conversation


- New repeatable sex scene (Cunnilingus)

- New date location (Grotto)

- 2 New conversations


- 2 New repeatable sex sceens (Cowgirl DP, Missionary DP)


- New major scene


- 2 New major scenes

- New conversation


- New repeatable sex scene (Lake sex)

- 2 New conversations


- New repeatable sex scene (Titfuck)

- 2 New conversations


- New major scene


- New major scene

- New conversation


- 2 New repeatable sex scenes (Cowgirl, Doggy)

- New conversation


- New threesome scene featuring a couple of MILFs.

- Jackson's birthday.

- Mi-cha Beach date

- Brandi Grotto date

- New outfits for Bai (Park), Brandi (Lake), Dana (Grotto), Izzy (Beach), Jez (Park), Kendra (Beach), Lisa (Grotto), Mi-Cha (Park)

- 20 images added to the bonus image gallery


- Fixed a bug with adrian's voice that caused a crash in the scene where you give her a handjob.

- Fixed Park appearing twice on Adrian's date list when meeting Kendra for the first time.

- Fixed indicator not showing for Adrian's buttplay option on the freesex screen.

- Fixed an inconsistency where you could have a conversation about Adrian wanting a motorcycle after Athena already gave one to her.

- Fixed an inconsistency where Adrian is naked, but puts on a shirt to take a cumshot to the face.

- Fixed a weird dissolve in Adrian's movie theater date.

- Fixed a clipping error in Adrian's movie theater bonus outfit.

- Fixed a couple of instances where the phone showed a weird blank red screen.

- Fixed an inconsistency where you can have a threesome with Bai and Adrian before kissing Bai, on his love path.

- Fixed an inconsistency where Bai changes clothes during the middle of a park or movie date when on the friends-only path.

- Fixed a problem where Bai would kiss you and invite you over to fuck while you're on the friends-only path. Oops.

- Fixed a couple of instances where it is night time, but an image of the outside of the house during the day is shown.

- Fixed an issue where the replay of "Jamie spends the night" only replayed the second half of the scene.

- Fixed an inconsistency where Jez would tell you that she needs to get home to take care of her son, then immediately afterwards say that her son isn't at home and you should come home with her to fuck.

- Fixed an issue where there are two Park options for a morning date with Juliana when she meets Izzy for the first time.

- Fixed an issue where when taking Juliana out on a date after work, it acts like you're talking to her on the phone and going to her house to pick her up afterwards.

- Fixed an issue in the Premium version where the beach date with Juliana isn't counted towards her completion.

- Removed the option to decline sex with Kendra in the park restroom after giving her the new skateboard - declining sex with her was causing a lot of inconsistencies in future dialogue. That scene is intended to be the first time you have sex with her - in that filthy park restroom.

- Fixed an issue where the indicator was not showing for doggy position on kendra freesex screen.

- Fixed an issue where you could have anal sex in different positions with Kendra before having anal missionary sex, which makes the conversation in that scene not make sense. Now missionary anal automatically happens before any other anal.

- Fixed an issue where when taking Kendra to the park restroom after a date, she would change back into her skatergirl outfit post-sex instead of the clothes she wore on the date.

- Fixed an missing image issue that caused a crash in the premium edition with Kendra's alternate go-kart date outfit.

- Fixed the Lisa conversation replays, which were causing errors and crashes.

- Fixed an inconsistency where you take Mari out for a date to the bar after work, but it describes the MC going to her house to pick her up.

- Fixed an issue where after the Mrs. Mills bondage scene, it would not go to the next time of day correctly.

- Fixed an inconsistency where Reba will say that she's only slept with the MC, after she has had a threesome with the MC and Mari.

- Fixed an inconsistency where you could have a conversation with Suzy about her fantasies, including anal sex, after you have actually had anal sex with her already. Now you have to have that conversation before the anal sex scene will happen.

- Replaced all of Jez's Luigi's date images that were slightly out of focus. - Fixed literally every grammar and spelling mistake possible.

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How do we go about updating if we already have the premium edition?

Just download the new update and run it. It should find your saves automatically.


Fantastic game - I've only played up to version .5.14.1; with update 17 coming I've realised that you're up to version .7.16.32 - that seems like alot of content that I've not seen!

Anyway, just wondering if I buy the game through Itch does that grant access to premium or is that only through Patreon, etc.?


Come Home Premium is found here:  https://rjrhodes.itch.io/come-home-premium-edition
With that you get all the premium perks like early release and bonus scenes. Should also come with a Steam key for the premium DLC.


looking good, i didn't play the last update yet

kinda wondering if is better to continue or restart the game, to see and listen the new content, i'll decide when this update drops

keep it up RJ, stay well


Honestly, I recommend just playing along with the updates. There's a lot of things that I've changed in older content, but I'm going to continue to do that, and I think most people will get burned out restarting the game every update.

Better to just play along, then when the entire game is out and I've released a completed version, then go back and play it from the beginning.

Thanks for the support <3


I thought the same thing…I'm playing so many games that i can't remember how the last update ended so sometimes with games( especially games as good as this one ) i will replay from the beginning.