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Playing after the most recent update and I'm unable to take mi-cha on a date to the park , is there a way certain way it has to be done?

Taking her to the park becomes available after you have gone on a couple of dates with her, walked her back to her dorm, and kissed her.

Yes I have gone on several but there is only one option to ask for a date to the coffee shop no other

Make sure you're calling her in the evening for the date. I think you can only set up coffee dates when you talk to her in the morning in the lobby, but if you call her in the evening, you should be able to take her to the movie theater as well. 

Check the hint screen and see if it helps. 

If you're still stuck, getting on the discord is the best way to get help. You can post your save file there and we can see if you've found a bug or anything.

I really appreciate the help and the time taken out to reply, calling her at night did work, thank you.

No problem! I'll try to make that more clear in the game in future updates.


1st Playthrough but I have to agree - the comments during Brandi's streams are Gold. 

"Show feet plz"

is this that one where a gang took over the park?

Not really? There is a gang at the park, but they didn't really take over. They just hang out there and listen to music and smoke weed, lol

Hi, I'm on day 122 and still don't have access to the cell phone.. is this normal?

No, it's not. There is a bug that can cause the cell phone not to activate that I'll be fixing in the next update. The cell phone should activate at night on Day 1.

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RJ, i've reported the meth lab and waited a week but no call from Reba. iv'e completed 100% with Jez, is there something else i need to do? oh, by the way this game is not only sexy AF, but it's a GREAT bunch of stories and i especially love the chat when streaming with Brandi

Hey there, sorry I missed your question. 

If you report the meth lab too early, it will give a warning that you will break Reba's story. This seems to be what happened to you. If you get on the discord sometime, we could help you or maybe fix your save file for you.

discord isn't letting me join the server (sigh)  it's ok. I'll just not get that story, there will be others


loving the game, but wishing there were more sex positions with all of the girls. Handjobs, footjobs, reverse cowgirl, etc. Storylinewise, I love the backstory. It’s interesting. I didn’t quite get how the main character ended up living with that family until I progressed and realized the main character’s father dated Lisa at one point. If it wasn’t pointed out at the very beginning, that would be quite helpful. :)


I got this on steam getting it again on android as i dont have access to my pc at the moment great game hope it gets its story elements finished first before adding a bunch of extra stuff


playing the update and remembering how much fun Brandi's live streams are, especially the chat.  I laugh out loud at the damn chat

show feet pls

omg, i'm DED! :)

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i got the update yesterday and played for a few hours had to quit to do something and now it wont let me load my saved game is there anything i can do

Need a little more information. What is it doing when you try to load the save? 

it brings up a white page with rewind ignore and some other options 

I really need to see what it shows, if it gives an error message or anything. You could get on Discord and show me screenshots, or post your save file and I'll see what I can do. The link for the discord server is on the main menu screen. 
Or try loading one of the earlier autosaves and see if you have the same issue.

I’ll take a pic when I get home and post it in discord what channel would I put it in

Quick heads up: The PC file not having its platform marked in the same way as the Mac and Android files prevents those of us on Windows from being able to download it using the itch desktop app, and unfortunately the app currently doesn't seem capable of manually adding games downloaded via other means. (Basically, if a game doesn't have a manifest file, typically auto-generated by the app when installed through the app, the app doesn't recognize it when scanning.)


I believe I've fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

Once again RJ comes through with a fine update. I am unashamably a Lisa fan! Close second is Mari. Thanks RJ. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.


This is the first game of its kind that I have played. I was very impressed and I am Hooked! I can’t wait for the updates and 100% completion. 

PS: More Adrian plz ;)

Hello RJ! Loved playing the v12, finished almost all characters to 100% when it came out, but after changing the phone my progress is gone. Is it possible to download complete v12 save file so I could basically continue the story in v13?

If you get on the game's discord (, there is a completed save file available to download that is pinned in the #help-and-bugs channel there.

Link expired :(

Next Update ?

At the moment it looks like

Beta ($20+ Patrons) - October 21st
Patron-only - October 28th
Public (Steam/Itch) - November 11th

RJ posted that she will probably finish ahead of schedule and asked her patrons if they'd prefer earlier release or more content, and they chose more content. So the dates will most likely be the ones above.


stumbled over this by chance - and I am impressed, well-written, different chars, a plot I want to follow and good visuals (only the animations loops could be slightly longer and smoother).

the gui and UX is generally nice, with one exception: too many chars to follow, and I *always* forget whose story line I already finished :)

as introducing a new variable is probably overkill I abused your hint system: if "<char>hint1" starts with "You have seen all" I added an overlay to the character card overview. Visually not the best approach (better is maybe something like a green check mark), but you'll get the idea.

the blue ones are my addition, triggered with (more or less the same idea as the yellow borders you already use)

if gertrudehint1.startswith('You have seen all '):
  add "affectionmenudone.webp" xalign 0.03 + (platexspacing*2) yalign 0.1


Hey, that's a pretty cool idea. I'm actually changing up that menu quite a bit in the next update though, to make it more clear. I got rid of the affection points completely and have scenes unlocked based on what previous scenes and conversations you've had with a character. And instead of showing a number of affection points on that screen, it'll show the completion percentage. That should help quite a bit with who you have completed content for.

Thanks for the kind words!


Hello.  I notice this game has a Linux build on Steam, but not here on itch.  Possible to have the Linux build available to download on as well? 

Thank you


Ah, nm, just downloaded and see how it works now.  Seeing just the windows icon in the download through me off :)


Sorry bro, may I know what did you use to make the 3D character?


All the renders are done in Daz3D Studio.

i need a tutorial for mi-cha, i have been trying to end the story with her but is very hard

There is an in-game hint system. Go to the heart menu, click Mi-Cha, and see what her hint says.

But it says that i already have seen all micha content and i will see more on the next update

Then that's what it is. There is no way to "end" any character's story at the moment, because the game is still in development. Current update is #12 of 20 planned.


are you going to make any more great stories like this one ? if yes can't wait and will it be more surprise routes like Bai and the MC  in this beautifully done storyline. 


Thank you. I do have more games planned for once this one is finished, but I won't be done with this one for a couple more years. (We're on update 12 out of 20 right now).


I'm enjoying the storyline alot :) 


I would love for more scenes with the English teacher husband like maybe he can get more involved with them and I love Adrian so much 🥰 you’re amazing for making this game 


I'm not very far into the game, as I only started last night.  But I really like how you have the game structured.  The freedom of choice and no time limit in getting to know each character, is fantastic.  I would love to see other creator's do something similar.  Keep up the great work.

How do I download this for Android? I've played Ren'py ganes before and know the general way. I downloaded android files, tried to extract to downloads using RAR but it extracted in seperate folders instead of one Come Home folder. Even when I made a new folder for it to be extracted to I could not locate an executable file. Kinda stuck as to what to do


You shouldn't have to extract anything. The android download is an .apk file which should just install once you run it in android.  Make sure you select the android option on the download page.


so gonna just download and play the game as is. i see there is a patch...any particular reason i need this right away? or only download it in in case of a bug or something?


Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by a patch. There's no patch for the game. I release updates every three months or so (new one on the 15th) that is the complete game with additional content.

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alright my bad, maybe it's just something to do with the app... I checked both the website and the app, so essentially double checking both. But it's good to know I only need the one file. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi RJ,

First thing, great game. Everything is just amazing. I've been following development for a while and something came to my mind.

Are you planning on translating the game to other languages?

Keep the good work! 

Glad you're enjoying the game! Thanks so much for the kind words.

I do plan on translating the game, but not until it is completely finished. It feels like it would be better to pay somebody to translate it all at once than to pay somebody every update that is released.


Hi RJ,

Compliments on the game. Well written and well handled.

I have found a couple of glitches. You may have already sorted them out but I'll log them here anyway just in case.

First up, depends on just plain dumb luck timing.

If you spend the night with Mari on exactly the same night that the Kendra waterskiing sequence is triggered on the following morning, you will go to sleep in Mari's bed at her place and be woken up in your own bed by Kendra's call. I don't think sleep teleportation is a normal part of the plot. ;) And I can't help picturing Mari going "Where the hell did he go?" the next morning. Plus, your car apparently teleports back with you as well.

Second is that if you decide to not play through Adrian's path after the announcement sequence but still occasionally game with the character you will get the phone call for the movie date discussing a previous sexual encounter your character was never on.

Have fun with those.


Thank you! I will look into these. Sorry for slow response :)

If you spend the night with Mari on exactly the same night that the Kendra waterskiing sequence is triggered on the following morning, you will go to sleep in Mari's bed at her place and be woken up in your own bed by Kendra's call.

had something similar: when Mari calls at night to help her with the sheep the next morning is him with the borrowed overalls on the farm. But somehow a phone call (in my case a visit to Whitney's lab) magically clean his original clothes.


is it possible for more interesting new characters coming soon or no? i'm enjoying each characters route so far i'm doing Jamie, bai, suzy and Brandi's route


No more characters. 20 is enough

Glad you're enjoying those though. :)


Hi, I like the game a lot :-) The story is very nice.
I have a suggestion for the voice option (V key).
I would appreciate to be able to select a different (male) voice for sentences said by a male character and another (female) voice for sentences said by a female character. Additionally, there could be an option to skip the name labels ("Suzy:", "Jamie:", etc.). I have checked the control panel in Win10 and there are more english voices available. I am only able to change the voice for the whole game.


First time playing a VN, and I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you RJ!  I liked the depth without pretension, and the overall tone of the game.

It's  surprising how several of the characters grew on me in just a short amount of time.  It's just so well made! At first it was Jamie and Dana who were just so sweet and inviting, but eventually it's Mari, Jez and Suzy that got me hooked.

 Well, I liked Ms. Welch and Izzy a lot too.  Plus Brandi and Whitney and Mi-Cha... er, maybe every girl, lol, even the stranger girl at the cafe.  There's something for almost everyone here I guess.  And I appreciate how there are different body types and sizes. I've seen other screenshots of other games where it's all about bust sizes and it really just wasn't working (for me at least).

But what I find most amazing is the story about the MC's dad and how that plot seems to be reflecting how a game like this is played. Particularly with the back/undo button.  I'm still on the edge of my seat on how that story develops.

Also, I don't mind how most choices seem to lead to one direction, except for the ones that ends a progression for a particular character.  I know it's complicated to have decisions that branch out to create alternate storylines, but if that ever gets a massive update, it would be a blast for sure.

Great game! Can't wait for the next update!


Without resetting, is there any way to re-enable routes? I believe I've locked out Brandi's route because I declined an invitation to dinner on a day I was busy. Clicked the heart to enable it again but I don't think it's letting me.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey there - sorry for the slow response. She should call you back if her heart is enabled. If you're still having trouble with it, getting on the Discord and asking for help there is the quickest way to get an answer.


Hi thanks for adding another Dana scene! really. not to seem ungrateful but going buy the her story she needs sexual release. so if you see it in your heart to add a choice in file room menu so you give her the second file room scene would allow you to be fair to her needs. love your game! you have great sense of humor I laugh till I cry on some of the scenes. Thanks and Great work!


Really liked it. It's already good and have lots of potential to be even better. Congratz.

I think it would be cool to advance the storylines of a character without the sexual/romantic relation. I wasn't really interested in advancing this type of relation with some characters but would still like to see the side story developing.

I didn't really liked that tammy broke her promise to suzy ( and dont know if i could do that differently) i guess this conflict is part of her character arc but if i had the option to do it differently i think i would.

The stories looks to run fine in parallel but i have some worries when they interact with others. The stories of izzy and reba are connected with jez and the content ended there for now so i still dont know how each affects one another. The point is, i had the impression that some inconsistencies occured (mentions to things that didn't happen, or someone knowing something that shouldn't) and now that the characters are interacting with each other this is going to be pretty hard to handle.

In the late game, when most part of the content was already played. It started to get boring to go to school and work everyday ( to real, to scary hahaha) and i kinda of skipped some speeches (like a certain character about furries). Just sharing the feeling.

You have a very diverse selection of kinkies and the chance to educate us about them. I find it very nice.


I think you have a real good game with so much potential.  I look forward to where you are going with this.  I do have some comments that you may consider:

1. Game note: when Tammy and the main character are on the bench for their date, they talk about dick sucking and pussy fingering, yet I made it a point on a second go-around to choose not to engage, and yet the characters still say this.  Either don't make the sex scenes optional, or you will have to fix the date on the bench dialogue.

2. Rather than SAYING "Ends story w/Ms. Welsh," consider programming into the story that she becomes cold, and thus get the point across through the story action and not mere words.

3a. The Suzy--Tammy storyline is so well done-better than all the others, though nothing against the others.  I think you injected a nice amount of intimacy into the story and anticipation.  And this leads me to a separate yet related point:

3b. I like the way you keep some of the characters a bit innocent - at least until things really change.  This gives a unique voice to your characters.  You don't want them all to sound the same, and I am not saying they do, but some have a similar tone.  It is this with any kind of storytelling - you want the voice to be unique for each character.  You did a good job of this for the most part.  Going forward, don't be afraid to really maintain a bit of innocence or reticence on part of some characters (while others are downright sex-hungry).  Hell, if you never got us to Suzy and the main character actually having great sex, but just a whole lot more teasing, you would not have hurt your storyline or success - it would keep your fans crazy on the edge.

Hope these are of some value.  I think your product is great, and you should be proud.



I can't wait for the next update.. More power to you RJ!


more Suzy and Reba content please?


Literally my favorite VN, it was the first one I played  and it did the entire genre great justice. It was funny, intriguing, sexy, and fun. The characters are unique and fun, and very cute. Especially Reba and Adrian. Brandi's character was unlike anything I've seen before, the chat was hilarious and it is one of the highlights of the game. I'm glad you had included Bai and Adrian into this game it really added some diversity and their dates were all very cute. Speaking of diversity there lies 1 of 3 faults in this game, the first is Izzy's character. We really don't see as much of her as I would have hoped, it is just mostly at the park, the second thing about her is that she is a pretty stereotypical black character, I mean, her whole character is that she fucks, listens to music, and smokes weed. I know that you're barely halfway-done with the game but I just wanna see more than that from her character. The second is from the MC himself, he's pretty shallow for the main character, the only thing we know is just really basic things about him. I would love to see more of his backstory besides just quantum physics and Brazil. And the last, and most crippling, is that it ends. Just kidding, I wish there was more but I know how VN’s take time and especially big ones like this. But it’s pretty crazy out of all of the content there were only 2 flaws that I could find, writing was 10/10 gammer had no mistakes that I could see, but then again I'm not an author, the animations and character development is, again, 10/10. Everything about this game is just great, and I could not recommend it enough. And after playing a bunch of VN’s and Dating Sims, I always see myself playing this game over and over again. I just want to see more. I really hope you see this and know, you got something special here, and know that I love it. I really hope we all don't inflate your ego with all the positive praise because it really is a good game. I would give it a 9.5/10, you have got yourself a new supporter here on patreon and i'll be sure to throw you a couple bucks whenever I can. Sorry for the essay but I just love this game. :)


I really appreciate the kind words <3

I think by the end of the story, you will like Izzy's character more. There's a bit of a turn in her storyline, starting with the next update, that changes things.


I'll be sure to see it!


Hi really like your game great work. please give Dana more content she is so

sweet! keep up the great work love it.


Thank you so much. :)

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Hey! Seems I messed up with Tammy. I can't complete the "training for Tammy's fight" scene. I'm 8/8 affection with her, unlocked all other events and convos. Did I mess something up or its bugged ? Thanks, really enjoying your game, looking forward to updates.


Hey there, sorry for the late response. This is likely because you didn't train with Tammy enough before her fight and she ended up losing the fight.

There's not really a way to go back and see that scene at this point - the story keeps going whether she wins or loses.

If you have any questions, feel free to jump on the Discord. There's always people hanging around on there who can help.


Ah crap, thank you for your reply. I guess i'll have to start another playthrough on your next realease.



This game is such good, hoping to see more games from the creator, please support R.J Rhodes on patreon, this guy deserves it, and in the next chapter please add more actions and some other fetishes and more scenes with Dana 


wow so many positive review...


Bro, team i dont know what to say

The only i can nice work. its a super funny and remarkeble story.

I just catched myself smiling alot its a super cool smooth game,

the game dont press itself on u, what  i rly like, u have the free roam experiance and also the i get more of the girls to know.

Like the pace like the style like the writing keep it up show me more? :D 

and im sorry for my english but im not a nativ speaker :P


Thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words.


i agree its a twisted of a story from the sadness of losing this father to making new friends and see the relationships grow !


FEEDBACK !!! i have just found a error in one of the scenes when the guy got to see Mrs Spann to sign up for college to finish his cause as you might not have noticed there is a GAP of about 5MM where her body and chair end a gap and then the start of desk she's sat at i take she should had ben sat and the desk WITHOUT a gap !!! i was not sure if you was aware of this or not.

Yours Mr GaTeZ.


Hi there! I was not aware of this. My testing team is having a bit of a laugh that we missed that.

I'll be rerendering that entire scene in the next update. I appreciate your feedback and thanks for playing :)


WOOWWW that in its self is either funny are not so funny what it was not picked up on and am enjoying the V.N. so far

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